spend your time with us , live in smartest area of kolkata.

Everyday there is something new to discover, spiritual streets and heritage city at known for its culture and its cuisine , Newtown backpackers welcomes you to the city of joy!!

the food where is no need of knife & fork, roll it and dip it in savoury coconut sauce .

this is jin berik,from Netherlands, the aroma of delicious South Indian food forced him to eat with Hands, as it taste more when you mix, accompanied by Sebastian , from  Colombia 

the place and streets they bought up, never changed from era, but they want , wanted to explore and learn new things which help them to live better life.

                                  lets bring them a Vision to what they are looking for. 

"until rural areas and people are aware of this modern things  no one can change it"

we would love to show our city to those fellow travellers , who are coming to our city of joy , under the hospitality and service of Newtown backpackers, even for me its very adventurous as every street has something new , and lot more to discover , even I'm from the city . come lets explore the old London (kolkata) built by our eastern India company. 


the face and smartest area of kolkata.


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